Ocean Alpha Dolphin 1

A revolutionary remote-controlled life-saving device for public safety, lifeguards, marinas, ships, offshore oil and gas platforms.

MLC Consulting is the exclusive distributor for Ocean Alpha Dolphin 1 in Spain

Sea Rescue

Sea Rescue

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Platforms

Innovative technology to save lives

Dolphin 1 Unmanned Surface Rescue Vehicle

Dolphin 1, perfect for sea rescue

Dolphin 1 combines Ocean Alpha expertise into the most compact, versatile, and affordable USRV available today.

When every moment could be the difference between life and death, Dolphin 1 deploys in seconds compared to minutes for rescue vehicles like zodiacs, or jet skis.

Equipped with water Jet propelling system with top speed of 4m/s, the Dolphin 1 can reach to target in just seconds, with ability to carry victims back to safety.

The Dolphin’s bright colour and flash lights make it extremely noticeable in water and reduce the risk of the rescuer losing sight of the victim.

Batteries are installed in independent compartment, maximising safety and reliability, Dolphin 1 will keep operating even when body is heavily damaged.

Advantages of the Dolphin 1

‣Compact and light weight

Weighing only 13kg, 1 man operation

‣Fast to deploy

Launch In seconds, easy to control

‣Saving Cost

Affordable compare to jet-ski & Rescue boats

‣Increase safety

80% better chance to reach victim than traditional lifebuoy

‣ Versatile

Suitable to use in any water or weather condition

Dolphin 1 for sea rescue
Dolphin 1 saving lifes

Specifications of the Dolphin 1











Max Speed




Communication Range



Electric propulsion

Precision Control

remote controller for Dolphin 1

Simplified controller is extremely easy to operate, with range up to 500 meters, allows swift and precise control

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